Sunday, December 27, 2015

Restaurant Review...Primal Food and Spirits plus a Wine Dinner Adventure

I have heard good things about this restaurant for some time.  When Melissa if I had been there I said "not yet", so we decided to meet there one night after work.

"At Primal we take gluten sensitivities seriously, and representing the needs of the gluten-free community is very important to us. Simply put, it is part of our identity, and it is exactly what makes us different from everyone else. Our kitchen is 100% gluten-free, 
meaning there is no possibility of cross-contamination."
(quote from their site)
 I loved the variety of glasses.  I remember Melissa had a Moscato and I believe I had the Chardonnay.
The restaurant has a rustic warm feel.  Very nice.

Melissa ordered this.  I had a taste.  I would call it comfort food.
I ordered...
My photo did not turn out, but it was good:-)
We shared the
BAKED APPLE GRANOLA CRUMBLE almond & honey granola / coconut ice cream 
I loved the ice cream.
 While we were there we noticed an upcoming event.  It was a wine dinner hosted at Primal.  I had never been to one and Melissa said she had not been either.  So what the heck, we decided to go.
Primal Fall Harvest Wine Dinner
The event was held in a room near the back of the restaurant.
Nicely decorated.
The people slowly arrived...

 The Menu
Several of the items were new to me. Such as Chestnut Soup and 
Cippolini onions.  The wines were not the typical ones that I am accustom to buying
which made me realize I have a lot to learn about wine.

This, for me,  this was the highlight of the evening the Chestnut soup.  If I saw this on the menu I would not have thought to order it but now I will.  Amazingly delicious!!!!
I find Quail difficult to eat.  This is the second time in my life I have had it and it is nearly all bones.  The flavor was nice, but I am just not a quail person.  I am sure there is fine art to eating this delicacy but as of yet I have not developed the needed skill set:-)
The beef short ribs were lovely.
I enjoyed the dessert.  Especially the tapioca pudding.   
Anything custard or pudding like is my weakness, along with other things:-)
Thanks for a wonderful evening Melissa.  We must do it again soon!
Adding to my wine vocabulary with the help of Wikipedia...
Old vine (Frenchvieilles vignesGermanalte Reben), a common description on wine labels, indicates that a wine is the product of grape vines that are notably old. There is a general belief that older vines, when properly handled, will give a better wine.
Beaujolais (French pronunciation:  [bo.ʒɔ.lɛ]) is a French Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC) wine generally made of the Gamay grape which has a thin skin and is low in tannins

Interesting.  I must admit the French pronunciation did not help me at all.  
I will have to ask my daughter how to say it she took French.

Get out and try a new Restaurant.  If you are in south Durham I suggest you give Primal Food and Spirits a try.  You won't be disappointed.
Happy travels and adventures!