Friday, February 22, 2013

New Burlap Table Runner/Valentines Day 2013

It was Valentine's Day.  How should we celebrate?  Well let's see....first lets decorate the table.  A few weeks ago I had ordered a table runner from The Burlap and Lace Place on Below is a photo from their site.  I had the option of having it monogrammed but I preferred the simplicity of just the lace and the burlap.  I will add that customer service at this site was great.  When the owner saw that I did not put in any info on a desired monogram she wrote me right away to make sure that I had not forgotten to add this to my order.  She was happy to make it anyway I wanted it and it arrived at my door very quickly and I love it:-)
See how pretty?
Lets add some flowers....

Have to have chocolate and gifts....

Dinner had to be special but simple...(Since I had not been feeling well I assisted Josh in the cooking of the day and it turned out wonderful.  He should cook every week:-)
Lobster and Filet Mignon

Time to eat....yum...

What a wonderful Valentines day.  (We did miss Tim and Erica.  They were in Vegas riding 4 wheelers in the red rock desert....poor things:-)
Few pictures of family...Steph and Caleb enjoying some time together...

I had to add Caleb's first school photo below.....
What a wonderful day.  What a beautiful table runner.
Enjoy your family!
Enjoy Your World!

If you need a really nice table runner I suggest you try The Burlap and Lace Place!