Sunday, June 7, 2015

National Donut Day with Caleb, June 5 2015

It was just this past Friday, National Donut Day 2015.  Isn't everyday donut day?  I guess not.  So where did this excuse to consume donuts originate?  Here is what they said about this special day on National Day Calendar
     In 1917, the original “Salvation Army Doughnut” was first served by the ladies of the Salvation Army.  It was during WWI that the Salvation Army “lassies” were sent to the front lines of Europe.  
     Home cooked foods, provided by these brave volunteers, were a morale boost to the troops.The doughnuts were often cooked in oil inside the metal helmets of American soldiers.  American infantrymen were then commonly called “doughboys”.  A more common spelling is Donut.

On this day, many doughnut stores in the United States offer free doughnuts to their customers.
A quote from the Wikipedia website.....'National Doughnut Day', or National Donut Day, celebrated in the United States of America, is on the first Friday of June each year, succeeding the Doughnut Day event created by The Salvation Army in 1938 to honor the men and women who served doughnuts to soldiers during World War 1. 

I had heard that several donut shops were giving away free donuts.  I picked up Caleb and off we went to Dunkin Donuts to Celebrate the big event.  As luck would have it there was one just up the street from his daycare.

Caleb had a sprinkle donut and I had an old fashioned donut.  I did get a blueberry donut hole which was delicious.

There is a Donut Shop I would love to visit, Monuts Donuts.  There is no law that says I have to wait for next June 5th:-)

I would like to try the apple Cider and the Maple Bacon.  Sounds amazing!
Happy Donut Day!
Enjoy Your World:-)

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