Wine Tasting at Southern Season in Chapel Hill NC. "Roman Empire"

Last night I had the opportunity to go to a wine tasting in Chapel Hill.  It was held at at of my favorite places Southern Season.  It was lovely.    The wine was nicely displayed and they provided crackers,  cheese and a few finger foods to enjoy.  The folks hosting the tasting were well informed and friendly.
The focus of the evening was "The Roman Empire".  We sampled nine wines.  I chose two to take home, a red and a white.  One perk of going to their tastings is that you get 20% off of any bottles you buy.  Here is my review of the wines at the event. I will put some of their descriptions in parentheses.  I will rate them on a verbal scale of "not for me", "ok", "good", and "my favorite of the evening".

1-Skouras Zoe White 1013- Greece  "ok"
     (aromas of fresh flowers with hints of fruit and avocado.  Flavors of orange and lemon blossom)

2-La Piana Palmizio Vermentino 2013- Italy "Not for me"
     (Melon and pear accented by herbs and minerals.)

3- Guigal Cotes du Rhone Blanc 2013- France "ok"
     (notes of white peach and tangerine, aromas of honeysuckle, pear, kiwi and minerals.)

***4-Reichsgraf Von Kesselstatt Josephshofer Riesling Kabinett 2007- Germany "My Favorite!!!"
You know I would choose the one I can't pronounce.  But as I look over the list I realize I can't pronounce any of them.  When I first tasted this one I thought it was a bit to sweet for me.  But there was something I really liked about it.  The folks in my group seemed to really like it too, even the red wine drinkers.

(Grown in Mosel Germany.  Intriguing aromas of violet and peony lead to a strong mineral note, lime and apple tinged note.)

5- Las Lilas Vinho Verde Rose 1014- Portugal "not for me"
     (It is a blended wine.  Flavors of strawberry, rhubarb, bing cherry and pomegranate.)

6-Domaine Douloufakis Danois Liatiko 2011- Greece  "Not for me"
      (Aromas of wild cherry, peppercorn and lavender.  Ripe tannins.  Bitter Chocolate nuance.)

7-Chateau Grand Portail La Croix Blanche Bordeaux Rouge 2013- France "good"
I am not a red wine drinker but this one I did kinda like.  I could see myself sipping on it very slowly.
     (Nose of juicy red fruits underlined by touches of crushed berries and vanilla notes.)
8-Ampeleia Kepos 2012- Italy.  "Not for me"
     (Dark red cherry, pomegranate, plum spices, leather notes)

9-Vegal Syrah 2013- Spain "Not for me"
     (intense aromas, ripe fruit, balsamic notes)
I had a great time at the wine tasting.  It was fun and informative.  I think they have one every week in the summer.  I will look forward to going back.
Get out and try a new wine.  
I suggest you go to a tasting.