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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Restaurant Review, Geer Street Garden, Durham NC

A couple of days ago Steph, Josh, Caleb and I decided to visit a restaurant in downtown Durham.  We  set the GPS and off we went to Geer Street Garden. We had heard good things.
A few sights along the way...

Here is what they have to say about the restaurant on their site...
"Geer Street Garden is a restaurant and bar located in the former Fletcher's Gulf Station on the cover of Foster and Geer Streets in downtown Durham NC.  We serve simple, down home food and drinks in a relaxed atmosphere. The basic idea is that everyday food should be wholesome and delicious.  We have a large outdoor patio that's a perfect place to meet your friends and neighbors for a pint of beer and a local pasture raised burger."....Sounds great to me:-)

 The food was fresh and delicious.  Friendly staff too! Steph and I loved the pimento cheese appetizer and the fried green tomatoes.  Josh loved the burger. Caleb loved everything:-)

We had a very nice experience at the Geer Street Garden.  I would like to back and take the rest of the family.
Get out and try a new restaurant.
I suggest you try Geer Street Garden:-)

Geer Street Garden on Urbanspoon

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