Saturday, September 17, 2011

"Western Wake Farmers Market" Cary NC

Exploring Kathiey's Local World. "Western Wake Farmers Market"

A couple of weeks ago Joe, Erica, and I decided to visit the Western Wake Farmers Market in Cary NC.
I love to go to farmers markets, you never know what you will find.  So off we went on our adventure.....
"Strawberry Fest Day" 

They look amazing....

Local meats....

Beautiful green veggies...

Homemade bake goods..yum....

One of my favorite flowers....The Primrose..beautiful!

More yummy goodness.  LaFarm Bakery in Cary.
This place is on my Urban Spoon wish list.  Maybe we will visit this weekend:-)

I did not expect to find cupcakes at the farmers market.
Very nice surprise...

The lady that makes these makes them from scratch on Thursdays.
She makes batches sweetened with honey and batches sweetened with sugar.

I bought the strawberry jam sweetened with sugar.

Nothing better then vine ripened tomatoes.

We bought 2 huge tomatoes.  Erica and I rushed home to make our summer favorite sandwich. Fresh tomatoes on white bread slathered with mayo and sprinkled with salt and pepper. Comfort food at its best.  I  like to let my tomato sandwiches sit for a while and get just a bit soggy.  Yummy Goodness!!

I hope to visit more local farmers markets in the spring and summer season.  They are great fun and always tend to hold surprises.
Get out and explore!
Enjoy your world everyone:-)

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