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Trying new things....Sun Dried Tomatoes (June 23, 2010)

Trying New Things....Sun Dried Tomatoes

A couple of weeks ago I watched a food network show in which a chef prepared a beautiful pasta dish that contained Sun Dried Tomatoes.  I found the recipe on line and went back and watched the show again taking notes on my printed recipe so that I could prepare this beautiful dish just as the chef did.  I could not wait to put this recipe to the test.  (Recipe review to follow on another post....)  I have never cooked with Sun Dried Tomatoes and was excited to try something new.  So off to Harris Teeter to find the ones packed in oil as required by the recipe.

This was not the brand that I found in our local store but you get the idea.

I opened up the jar, took a few out & just looked at them.  Hmmm??

I knew I had to take a taste just to see what I was dealing with, you know like they do on the cooking shows.
I took a small piece....the best way I can describe it is..."tastes like raisins".  No tomato taste the I could recognize.

After tasting what to me were raisins I still was determined to recreate the beautiful dish I saw on TV.  So now it was time to chop them.
They reminded me of anatomy class in nursing school.  Can you guess what organ....?
I could easily picture an atrium, ventricles & various other parts of the heart.  It was the right color and shape.  Yes I wanted to stop here but I kept pushing through.

Picture comparison of dried tomatoes vs fresh tomatoes.  What would you choose?

Personally I would choose the fresh tomato.  In my opinion the dried tomatoes did not taste any thing like a tomato.  To be fair though if tomatoes are not in season the sun dried tomatoes are a healthy alternative. ....but I think I would choose canned:-)

Get out there and try something new and enjoy your world:-)

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