Trying New Things, Kiwano Melon (April 30, 2010)

Trying New Things...Kiwano Melon

One of my goals in starting this blog was to motivate myself to try new things.  Well, I was walking through the grocery store yesterday, in the produce section and noticed an odd looking fruit.  It is called a Kiwano Melon.  It was a bit pricey, just under $4.00 but a small price for adventure:-)  So I picked one up, but carefully it was a bit sharp.
I brought this odd looking thing home and began to research.  It was originally grown in Africa but today is grown in New Zealand and Calif.   It also goes by the name Devil Fruit & Horned Melon.  Most sites say the taste is mild, a mix of cucumber, banana, lime, & lemon flavors.

One online site said it is a great conversation starter.  I placed it on the dinner table and waited for Joe to come home.  He looked at it "what is that?".  What do you think it is was my reply. "It looks like a creature from the sea" he said.  Which it does.
The sea creature remained on the table while we had dinner.  We cleaned up and then readied ourselves for the cutting of the Horned Melon.

It actually was pretty.  Although it did not look like something I wanted to eat.  I found that some people actually scrape out all the seeds and use the shell to serve sorbet.  (Just don't touch the bowl:-)

I found that scraping out the shell was harder then it was described.  Since I was not going to make anything with the contents and all I wanted to do was taste it not serve sorbet in the shell, I just scraped out a small amount to try.

Nice color, but a bit slimy.  Do I really want to taste this?  Joe just looked at it and so a flat out "no" to the prospect of tasting it.  I on the other hand had to try.  I found it to be very mild.  I did not like the slimy texture but the flavors of cucumber, banana and lime were subtly.  Will I rush out to buy another Kiwano Melon? Probably not but it was a good experience.

As usual Brodie was underfoot wanting to try a taste.  I gave him a bit...he was not impressed:-)

Since some of you folks may want to try this melon.  I found a site for a recipe for you. I will not be making anything with this fruit.  If anyone out there chooses to try one of these recipes let  me know how it turns out.
Happy Eating:-)