Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kathiey's Wine Tastings "New Age Rose" from Argentina

Kathiey's Wine Tastings...."New Age Rose" from Argentina

Being fairly new to the wine world I have loads to learn about the art of wine tasting.  I have been to a couple of tastings at wine shops and to a few winery tastings but have not really been schooled in the steps involved in this process.  So.....I went on line and googled "wine tasting, how to".  The results were vast but I wanted to keep it simple, at least for now.  The site I choose was "How to taste wine" at

The wine I picked up the other day while at Brandywine Cellars,
our local wine shop, was New Age Rose from Argentina.  A good subject for my first true attempt at tasting...

I sat down at my computer with my glass in hand.  With the help of the "How To" wine tasting site I began the tasting.  I wrote down all my findings and then I consulted wine sites to see what the experts found and then compared their findings with mine.  I will put my findings first and put the pros findings in parentheses.  
Clarity and Color
Blush or rose colored, clear  (purple red, violet hues)
Smelled like berries to me    (Raspberries)  I can see I need to get a bit more detailed in my descriptions.
Sweet, berries, tart, citrus     (Sugar, red fruits, violet flowers)  I have never tasted violet flowers before so how was I suppose to know that?:-)
The Finish
Fruity, light bodied    (Effervescent) It was a bit bubbly come to think of it...

So how do I feel about my first serious attempt at tasting?  I think I did well overall.  I got the berries right and I found it to be sweet as the pros did.  I realize I have a lot to learn but I will continue to hone my skills.

So overall what did I think of this wine?
I found it to be really tasty and lightly sweet.  I would like it served chilled
and/or over ice.  Someone at Brandywine suggested adding fresh berries to the
glass.  Sounds like a nice plan to me.  I would buy this one again.  Very nice!
Get out and try something new....
Enjoy Your World Everyone:-)

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