Chocolate Dipped Strawberries (May 1,2010)

Spring Strawberries:-)

Yesterday after my visit to Holland Farm Berry Patch I had to decide what to do with my berries.

I rinsed my berries, set some aside for dipping in chocolate and sliced & sugared the rest for strawberry shortcake.

All you have to do is place chocolate chips in a microwaveable container and zap for for 1 minute, stir, continue to zap & stir in 30 second intervals until it is of smooth consistency.  Dip the berry in the chocolate holding them by the stem and then place on wax paper on a cookie sheet. (Before dipping the berries be sure they are totally dry) Then place in the fridge until firm and that is it.  Easy!

Strawberry shortcake for Joe

Strawberry parfait for me:-)

What about Brodie?  No I did not give him all that he wanted but I did give him some whipped cream which he loved.  He is my baby:-)