Saturday, September 17, 2011

"Carolina Brewery and Grill" Pittsboro NC

Restaurant Review...."Carolina Brewery and Grill" Pittsboro NC

A couple of weekend ago Joe, Erica and I decided to go to Pittsboro NC to try the Carolina Brewery and Grill.  We had checked out the menu on line and it did not look very expense so off we went....

Nice welcoming building...

Art work for sale on every wall...
Nacho's were great!!!

Hush puppies, Bar-B-Q, and
Brunswick Stew....
Joe had the cheese burger and really enjoyed it

Running low on funds so
I ordered a hotdog and a glass of Riesling.  It was tasty.
It was a large open restaurant.  Nice bar area.
Very friendly folks. Casual setting.  If you are in Pittsboro and looking for a good meal and maybe a beer I would suggest Carolina Brewery and Grill.
Get out and try a new restaurant.
Enjoy Your World:-)
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