Friday, February 12, 2016

Coffee and OJ on Cereal??? Oh My!

I was reading Food Network this week and came across a blurb about cereal.  This little tidbit was on what some folks put in their cereal.  For me, it has always been milk, plain and simple.  Nice cold milk poured over your favorite cereal.  But, not everyone thinks alike.

According to the magazine 13% pour coffee over their cereal and 12% enjoy orange juice.  I don't fit in either of those categories.
That got me thinking if there are any other cereal oddities out there.  Let's consult Google.
Ice cubes in the cereal to make it colder is very common.
Almond milk rather then cows milk
Apple juice
Red Wine
Egg Nog
Diet coke
I am not tempted to try any of them.  I will stick with my 2% milk.  I do like to soak my toast in my cereal.  Soggy and delicious.  Some would call that an oddity:-)
Now I am in the mood for some cereal. Oh no I am out of milk...
I could put some wine in my cereal or water.  No.  I will wait.  I am going to the grocery store today and will have milk on my list.
What do you put on your cereal?
Happy Eating!

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