Saturday, September 17, 2011

"Skippers Fish Fry" Apex NC

Restaurant Review...."Skipper's Fish Fry and Market" Apex NC

Last Friday night Joe and I decided we wanted to go out to eat. We thought lets go dutch and spend $10 each.  Sounded like a doable plan but where could we go that had good food for very little money?  We consulted Urban Spoon.  We looked for the single $ sign that means "cheap eats".  We read the reviews on Skipper's Fish Fry and Market.  It had gotten many good comments so we decided to give it a shot.  Off to Apex we went....
The sign was inviting....

The entry was packed with people.  We saw a dinning room on the right and a long line of folks at the counter ordering.  So do we sit down first if we are eating in or do we order at the counter first?  We had no idea.  We asked someone who worked there and she seemed to snap "order at the counter".  So we joined the line. 

My combo platter. The hefty cardboard platter you see above held fried flounder,fried shrimp, fried hushpuppies, and french fries.  Do you see a trend here?
 I happen to like "fried":-)

The famous had model Joe, displaying his meal.
He loved the flounder.

Here is my fried shrimp.
It was pretty good.
The flounder was wonderful.
Flakey and delicious.

The famous hand model decided that he could not leave without trying the banana pudding.  Even though it took us over budget by $2.00 I said lets go for it.  You only live once. Joe went up and ordered came back to the table and we waited......
Finally it arrives......
It was very good.
We ate nearly every drop....
Nice mural....
I tried to get Joe to pose with the
fish, lower right, but he refused.
(Hand models these days....such prima donnas:-)

So all that said how would I rate this restaurant.  I guess I am torn.  I could go either way on the urban spoon rating of like or does not like.  I guess I would be in the "kinda likes" category.
In regard to the friendliness.  It was not that they were not friendly they were just too busy to take the time to see the people they were serving.  They were working very hard.
The food was good.  I really enjoyed the flounder and would go back just for that.
The price was great, we pretty much stayed in budget:-)
The atmosphere, well, I could hear music in the distance.  Something was playing but I can't be sure what it was.  The people in the dinning room were enjoying their food but very few folks were talking or smiling.  I guess the main focus was the food.
Would I go back?  Yes, but, I will need to go back to make a decision as to like or dislike.  I am still stuck at kinda like?
(By the way...the hand model loved it:-)
Get out and try a new restaurant.
Enjoy Your World:-)
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