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"Rosati's Authentic Chicago Pizza" (Jan 2010)

Restaurant Review...."Rosati's Authentic Chicago Pizza"

One thing that Joe and I have always talked about doing, but have never done, is getting out and trying different restaurants.  When we were going over our list of New Year's Resolutions we decided we were not getting any younger so now was the time to start our restaurant adventure.  After confirming our new venture I started looking on line at local restaurant reviews and stumbled upon Urban Spoon.  What a great site for ideas and reviews.  They also link you to the restaurant site so you can see menus and prices.  This is a must for us because we must stay within budget on these gastronomic adventures.
Our budget was not a large one for this weekends food tour so we decided to try Rosati's Pizza in Morrisville North Carolina.

I was excited as we drove up to Rosati's.
We were greeted by very friendly people
and escorted to our table.

We were seated by  a stone wall, very pretty.  Small dining area, cozy, comfortable, and inviting.  There were tables and booths in the seating space.  We took the last available table, every table was full, people seemed to be having a really nice time.  (I wanted to take pictures of the dining area but I did not want to scare people with my camera, trust me, it was nice:-)
Our waiter was friendly and helpful.
We had read the history of Rosati's and could not wait to taste the pizza.

 Our waiter brought us some bread.

We ordered a deep dish pizza and we knew that would take some time.So we ordered side salads and an appetizer.The salads were fresh and delicious.

Our Appetizer..Bruschetta, Very Good

We knew the pizza was soon to come when the plates were placed on the pizza stand....
...and here it is our deep dish pizza...

...we had to order extra cheese,
I love cheese:-)
The pizza was great.  A good indicator of good food for me is this.  I did not add any salt!  I add salt to everything.   It just did not need it, the sauce was delicious.

As we were leaving I wanted to get a picture of the entry way, but it was filled with people waiting to get a taste of the good food that is served here.

We left full and happy:-)
We had a great time and look forward to a second visit, maybe with friends or family:-) Get out and enjoy your world and try a new restaurant....I recommend Rosati's.
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