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Restaurant Review...."The General Store Cafe" Pittsboro NC (July 22, 2010)

Exploring Kathiey's Local World...."The General Store Cafe"

A few Sunday's ago Joe and I wanted to do something a bit different for lunch.  We decided to go to brunch at The General Store Cafe in Pittsboro NC 
What a cute store, restaurant and deli combination.  The best way to describe it, I guess, would be eclectic.

Joe ordered breakfast.  I tasted the potatoes, they were delicious.  Joe thought the eggs were great.  But the A+ for me was their coffee.  Very smooth, not at all bitter.  Some of the best coffee I have ever had.

I had the chicken salad & iced tea.  Very good.  Do you see the house recipe ketchup in the photo?  I usually ask for some just in case the meal lacks flavor.  Well, I did not even open need, everything was fresh and tasty:-)
The following photos will give you an example of why I describe this venue as eclectic......

I love the screen.  Not so sure about the wooden critter with the large eyes standing in front of it, although he does look friendly.  As does the spotted fish above the door.

Another interesting
artistic expression.
I think he is for sale
 if anyone wants him.
He is kinda cute & I
think he is singing:-)

View from our table.

Yep, a giant shoe?

Most everything is for sale in this cafe,
including this piece of art.
I am sure there must be local history in this
piece of art.

Joe and I ate in the front room of the cafe.   Very open and sunny.
Nice choice for a Sunday morning.
The majority of the  
seating is in the back of the cafe.

We spoke with someone at the cafe that said that we needed to come visit in the evening when there is  entertainment in house.  He said some of the bands are amazing.
Another interesting piece of art.

We will definitely go back.  Great food, nice people, interesting art.  I would like to go back for brunch again and have a cup of that wonderful coffee.  I would like to also go back for some of their evening entertainment (see a list of their upcoming events on their website). I would have a glass of wine, sit back and enjoy some jazz or bluegrass.

Happy eating everyone:-)

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