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Merritt's Store and Grill in Chapel Hill NC (June 18, 2010)

"Tastes That Define Our State" Challenge

My husband came across an article in our local paper a few weeks ago.  It was titled "Tastes that Define Our State". There are a list of 25 places in North Carolina where you can go to experience the many "flavors" of our state.
We decided to try #16 on the list.  The classic BLT sandwich served at Merritt's Store and Grill in Chapel Hill.  We set our GPS and headed off for a flavor adventure.
We drove up to a small white building. It was an inviting store front with an American flag at the entrance & people enjoying food and conversation at the tables and benches out front.
We went inside to find a large room with a check out counter and items for sale.  We followed a short narrow hallway.  Along the wall of the hallway were a grouping of beverage selections ranging from water & soda, to beer & wine.
We came to a tiny kitchen where 2 guys were frantically making, you guessed it, BLT's.

You have your choice of a single, double or triple.  Joe ordered the double.  Which just meant a double layer of the BLT, not the bread.  I did not know that at the time or I would have gotten the double as well.  You also have your choice of bread.  Joe went healthy and chose wheat, I went all out and got the white:-)
Joe's sandwich...yum!

My sandwich.  Next time I will go with the double:-)


We took our amazing sandwiches out to the picnic tables in the back.  A few ants and spiders but the bamboo in the background was a nice touch:-)

Back and side view of the market from our vantage point, the picnic table. Lots of cars, always a good sign:-)

Joe and I had a nice time at this little market.  Friendly people, great sandwiches enjoyed in the good outdoors.  We will go back.  If you decided to go be sure and splurge and get the double or the triple BLT, you won't be sorry:-)

Enjoy your world:-)
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